Masonic Sheet Music - MM112SM
available as a download

28 pieces of sheet music are included in this 72 page pdf document (A4). The music is not available as individual sheets.

'This is a rare and unique collection of Masonic sheet music, most of which is no longer in print and unavailable, in its entirety, from any other source. It has been digitized from used copies (pre,1950) and in some cases, is not of the best quality. I hope you understand and persevere'

Thank you for ‘Keeping the Music of Freemasonry Alive’!


We cannot send you a copy of this music as a print-out, in the post, we can only make it available as a pdf download. You can then print it out as you wish.


A Bundle of Masonic Sheet Music © MasonicMEDIA      MM112SM

Contents list

(72 pages of music in a .pdf document!)

01 Visitors’ / Ladies Song (Brethren/ Ladies from the East and West)


02 Dead March in Saul (The Grave Sequence)


03 Trumpet Tune in D (Purcell) Popular Processional March


04 Hail Masonry Divine (For the Installation Ceremony)


05 The Masters Song (The World is so hard and so stoney)


06 The Level and the Square (We meet upon the level, we part upon the square)


07 Happy have we met, Happy may we part.


08 The Entered Apprentice’s Song (Come let us prepare we brothers that are)


09 Here’s a Health to our Worshipful Master (We have toasts in the Craft)


10 Absent Brethren (Cairnbrook)(Architect in Thy Great Mercy)


11 Absent Brethren (Stephanos))(Architect in Thy Great Mercy)


12 Grace (Laudie Spiritualie) (For these and all Thy mercies given)


13 Prosper the Art (Prosper the Art, Prosper the man, Prosper the lodge)


14 Worthy Masons All (Worthy Masons All, Kingly Craft, Mystic Ties)


15 Ladies Song (Tonight me meet to do honour - Here’s to her health)


16 The Parting Song/Tyler’s Toast (Are your glasses charged in the W & S)


17 The Craft Degrees: First Degree


18 The Craft Degrees: Second Degree


19 The Craft Degrees: Third Degree


20 Installation of the Worshipful Master


21 The Holy Royal Arch: Opening, Exaltation, Closing


22 Craft Opening Ode: Hail Eternal (St.Bees)


23 Craft Closing Ode: Now the evening shadows (St. Oswald)


24 The Ceremony of Initiation


25 The Ceremony of Passing


26 The Ceremony of Raising


27 More, Holy Royal Arch Chapter music: Opening, Exaltation, Closing


28 Additional Voluntaries





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