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Will the downloaded music play OK on my computer, mobile phone, tablet, Chromebook, etc etc?

MAC users - IMPORTANT - read this re track names>>

Our music is currently supplied on the audio file format MPEG-4 Audio (.m4a), originally developed for Apple Mac computers, iphones, ipads etc, so will replay on those devices with no problems.

These tracks will also play on a PC on Windows Media Player, or other Windows based media players.

However they may not play on some Android based mobile phones and tablets (e.g. Samsung Galaxy mobile phones - However it might be possible to play the tracks off a Galaxy phone if you load the music into the 'media' folder and not the 'music' folder. ).

Chromebook? possible problem!

The Chromebook computer produced by Google, has some 'hard-drive' storage included, but only to hold the operating system, a few letters/documents temporarily, and Apps. In other words it does not have a storage facility for music or videos etc. When you load or download anything onto a Chromebook it automatically uploads it onto Google's internet storage system, Google Drive, in the 'cloud'.

So all your files are stored on Google Drive, and you can view them anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection. However you can't view them if you don't have the Internet available.

SO .. if you want to play your downloaded music, and there is no Internet connection, you may not be able to. 

Also reports on the Internet indicate that some audio and video formats will not play on the media player included with the Chromebook.

What's the solution? ... do a backup on a memory stick or memory card.

Stage 01 - Download the music first to a standard PC or MAC desktop or laptop/MacBook. (not an ipad because they don't have a USB port)

Stage 02 - Unzip the folder.

Stage 03 - Copy the unzipped folder onto a memory stick.

Stage 04 - Put the memory stick / card into the USB or card port (socket) on the Chromebook, and you can play the music straight off the memory stick / card without any problems, and without needing to be connected to the Internet.


If you are not sure, you can download a free track as a test.

Download free test track (apologies but you have to put your name and email address into the system in the process because we can't switch this off! but don't worry you won't be bombarded with spam emails - we hate them as well!)

How long will the download take?

- The download speed may vary from a few mins to 40 mins (120 mins for the largest one containing 100 audio tracks) depending on which music you purchase, and your Internet connection.
Due to the no of tracks varying within each download, the download file size varies from 98Mb to 418MB. Tests have shown that on an average 6Mb/sec broadband connection, the downloads will take about 2.5 to 15 minutes. With a slow connection of 1Mb/sec, it will take up to 120mins for the largest download. SUGGESTION - if you open your downloads folder first, then click on the download button, you may see the download actually taking place in your downloads folder, which should give you the download time.


Mac users - Copying the music tracks into itunes - If you download the tracks onto a MacBook, Air or Pro, they will appear in the downloads folder. If you have a Apple iPad it is best to download to a MacBook, Air or Pro FIRST, then you can drag and drop the files into an iTunes playlist which you create especially for them. THEN sync to your iPad.

However - there is a problem! - when you download the tracks onto a MacBook, Air or Pro, the audio track names may be deleted, and replaced with track01, track02 etc. This is a standard security measure with iTunes, i.e. it's to stop counterfeiting music tracks and re-selling them, but of course this doesn't apply to our music which is all played and recorded by ourselves.

How do you stop this happening?

Stage 1 - download the music (zip file) onto your MacBook, Air or Pro (not your ipad) and 'unzip' it i.e. convert it to a normal folder - there is a standard method to do this included with most computers.

Stage 2 - switch off your internet. You will probably need to switch off your router with the mains switch, or unplug your computer if it's connected to the router with a cable (as opposed to wi-fi). if you are using wi-fi you could also go into your settings and disable the wi-fi but that's more complicated - just turn your router/modem off.

Stage 3 - create a playlist in iTunes.

Stage 4 - Drag and drop (copy) the music tracks into the playlist. This should keep the track names intact i.e. still shown alongside each piece of music.

Stage 5. Sync to your iPad so that the tracks appear in a playlist on your ipad.

Stage 6. - Turn your router/modem back on again. It will take a minute or two for your Internet to be back to normal.

What do I do if this doesn't work, or I forget to do it, or I didn't realise I had to do it?

You can cut-and-paste the track names off the provided track pdf list, back on to the audio track files if required, one by one. This obviously takes a while.



Helpful hint - Check your download speed: 







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