Knights Templar    AJP031CD


01 Onward Christian Soldiers  (St. Gertrude)
     2 verses and 2 choruses

Opening of the Preceptory

02  Forming the Arch of Steel


03  Entrance of the E.P. and Great Officers
04  Disbanding the Arch of Steel
05  Prayer - Amen
06  Fanfare after salute to Eminent
07  Sword driven home

Installation of a Knight; Part One.
08  The Pilgim enters
09  Challenge by 2nd Constable
10  "Pass"
11  Challenge of 1st Constable
12  "Pass"
13  Knights be seated
14  Guard the Sepulchre

15  Perambulation     1' 34"
16  Take My Life and Let It Be 
      (Nottingham) 3vs
17  Resume your stations
18  Prayer - Amen
19  Knights be seated
20  Arming the Novice

21  March
22  Fight the Good Fight (Duke Street)
      3 verses
23  The Scroll
24  Knights be seated
25  Sword and Shield removed
26  Penance - Reverse Swords
27  Novice proceeds
28  Carry Swords

29  Candidate retires

30  Knights be seated

Installation of a Knight; Part Two

31  Candidate enters
32  Knights be seated
33  On the stone
34  Procession to E
35  Return to the W

36  Fanfare  First Proclamation


37  Fanfare AFTER First Salute
38  Fanfare AFTER Second Salute
39  Knights be seated
40  End of Address

Collecting Alms
41  For all the Saints
     (Engleberg)             8 verses
42  To Be A Pilgrim
      (Monks Gate)          3 verses

Closing of the Preceptory
43  Prayer - Amen
44  Benediction - Amen

Closing Hymn
45  O Lord and Master of us All
      (Bishopthorpe)      2 verses
46  Forming the Arch of Steel
47  Closing Hymn - "O Lord and Master of us all"
      Last Verse.
48  Closing Hymn - Last Verse (plus 55" improvisation)
49  Departure of E.P. and Great Officers
50  Exit of Arch of Steel

51  March: By kind permission of Chris Hart
      © 2003         3' 36"      3 verses - Amen

53  Perambulations: Reflection  (Charles Wood )

54  Abide with Me (Evantide)      2 verses - Amen
55  March : Postlude  (Theodore Dubois)   3' 03"

Requiem for a Deceased Knight
56  The Day Thou Gavest (St. Clemnts)    1 verse

Additional Music
57  Wonderous Cross (Rockingham)        1 verse
58  Praise My Soul the King of Heaven    4 verses

Music for Perambulations
59  Cantilene by Theodore Dubois 1837- 1924   3' 34"
60  Prelude in Eb by George James Webb
     1803 - 1887           1' 56"
61 The Angels Song by Charles Villiers Stanford.
     1852-1924              3' 34"


Knights Templar    AJP031CD
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