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The music is recorded on a Viscount Organ ( www.viscountorgans.net  )which sounds just like a real pipe organ, if it didn't we wouldn't use it. Our Songs for the Craft Festive Board download features a Broadwood cottage grand piano.

A brief history of Masonic Media by its proprietor W Bro. Adrian Moore, PPrGReg, Gloucester , England.

In October 1998 I was assembling the team to assist me as First Principal of the Orpheus Chapter No. 7697, in the Province of Gloucestershire and Herefordshire, England. 
Our existing organist reluctantly declined my invitation to `carry on` because of his increasing professional commitments as a music teacher. I then started telephoning around with no success; too busy, too old or no longer with us!

My best option was a temporary organist that we had used on several occasions, but how can I put it? He played all the right notes but not necessarily in the right order.
Then a brainwave! My business then, as now, is making radio and television commercials and I have some pretty sophisticated equipment, so why not take the location unit to our Masonic Hall and record the music for the Holy Royal Arch Ceremony on the superb 1930`s pipe organ? “Leave it to me” I said confidently to the committee. 

The artiste was booked; copyright cleared and one master compact disc produced. 

We've come a long way since that first recording and now use predominantly the latest digital keyboards which produce a superb sound almost indistinguishable from the original pipe organs.

I didn’t realize at the time but it was a brilliant idea that would eventually be of service to literally thousands of lodges and chapters throughout the world. Masonic MEDIA was born – discovered rather than invented.


Above - W.Bro Ivan Fowler at the  Canticus 1 organ.

More information about Ivan Fowler

- Bro Byron Jones, another of our organists, at the controls of the famous Wurlizer  in the Tower Ballroom at Blackpool 
(Not used for our downloads !)

Extract from one of the many letters we have received. (name and address supplied if required)

Please note we no longer provide music on CD's, only on downloads, but the compliments below reflect the quality of the music so we've kept the letters included here.

Good afternoon Adrian,

I promised to let you know how the first ‘outing’ of the CDs and player went. 

The meeting last evening was great success with one brother of the Lodge remarking that when he entered the Temple it was a few minutes before he noticed there was no one at the organ and yet the organ music was wonderfully uplifting!

It did all go well – at both the meeting and Festive Board - thanks to the equipment, CDs and the advice you gave. Thank you.

Do keep me advised of any updates or new CDs – I would be particularly interested in ‘Carols for the Festive Board’ as our lodge has a particular reputation for the singing (very badly) at this meeting!

Kind regards and thanks again.

"At a recent meeting of our Lodge I was processing into the Temple with the other Past Masters when I immediately noticed the lack of music. My first thought was concern for our organist who, despite his age of 75 years, plays for many other Lodges and Orders. He is normally very reliable but lately has been showing signs of strain. 

We immediately sent two of our Brothers to his house, where he lives alone, to see if he was all right. They discovered that he was unwell but fortunately not seriously.

Meanwhile back at the meeting, our Masonic Hall Management Committee has had the foresight to install a compact disc player and a small amplification system. 

So, I took to the controls and `accompanied` the Second Degree.  We also used the ‘Songs for the Craft Festive Board’ compact disc later”. 

Masonic MEDIA saved the day this time and it’ll do the same for you - anytime!




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