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Here at Masonic MEDIA we now have the worlds’ largest archive of Masonic Music supplied on downloads only. These can be played via a Laptop PC, tablet or mobile phone.

The music is superbly played by talented musicians and are all original recordings made by us. They compliment the Ceremonies in exactly the same way as a live organist. Have Fun!

Masonic Music is available on downloads only.

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About our music.

The music is recorded in `real time` using a sophisticated digital Viscount Organ which sounds just like a real pipe organ, if it didn't we wouldn't use it. Our Songs for the Craft Festive Board CD features a Broadwood cottage grand piano.

The beauty of our Ancient and Honourable Institution is the rich diversity of its different Ceremonies and all of our CD's can be personalised to suit your requirements. 

W.Bro Ivan Fowler at the Canticus 1 organ.




Please note: Only the main titles of the CD's are shown here due to lack of space. Click on the title to go back to the main site to see a full track listing for each download, plus audio samples.





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