Holy Royal Arch Chapter. MM103CD

       Before the Meeting:  Trio Sonata No 5 in C Major  BWV 529 (Bach) :  
01  Allegro  (5' 03")    02   Largo   (5' 23")  03   Allegro  (2' 28")   [total duration: 12 ' 56"]
04  Entrance of the Three Principals: (St. Paul)  25"  

      Opening Hymns:  
05  O Worship the King (Hanover)  3 verses + SMIB   

06 O Worship the King (Hanover)  2 verses + SMIB

07  Praise to the Lord, the Almighty King of Creation (Praxis Pietatus) 3 verses + SMIB 


08  Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah (Cwm Rhondda)  3 verses + SMIB

09  Three Principals Proceed to the E: O Isis! (Mozart, Magic Flute) Arr: E. S. 2' 02"
10  Signing the Minutes:  BWV 619 (Bach)   51"
11  Balloting for Candidates: BWV 627 (Bach)  4' 41"
12  H & J reveil the Al...  Waiting for the P.S. 's  return: BWV 622 (Bach)  5' 24"

13  Candidate Enters: (Eric Smith)  17"

14  Can & P.S. perambulation: "This Hallowed Dwelling"  (Mozart-Magic Flute)  1' 10"
15  Receiving the Light : 10"
16  Walk in the Light (Belmont)  1 verse

17  Can, P.S. and 1st Asst. S.  retire and prepare as M.M.s:  Cebell (Purcell)  4' 04"
18  Can, P.S. and 1st Asst. S.  enter as M.M.s:  (E.S.)  16"

19  Can, P.S. and 1st Asst. S.  retire to prepare the ground. Air (Purcell)  2' 25"
20  Can, P.S. and 1st Asst. S. enter after their discovery. Andantino (Henry Smart)  20"

21  Communicating the Word: O Sacred Head Sore Wonder (Bach Chorale)   1' 10"
22  Divesting of the implements of labour: Andantino Two (Henry Smart)  3' 12"
23  Can. and P.S. proceed to the Pillars in the W.  38"  
24  H & J reveal the Al......The Chapter is closed. Evening Prayer (Henry Smart)  3' 07"    

      Closing Hymns:

25  God of Abraham Praise (Leoni)  2 verses + SMIB


26  Leaving now this Convocation (Blaenwern)  2 verses + SMIB
27  Thou Whose Almighty Word (Moscow)  3 verses + SMIB
28  Hail, Father Whose Creating Call (Semper Aspectamus) 3 verses + SMIB  

Procession out of the Temple: 
29  March in  Eb (Frederick  Atkinson)  3' 39" 
Organist Comp The Revd. Ivan Fowler
30  March in F# (Frederick  Atkinson)  4' 22"   
Organ: Canticus by Viscount
31  UK National Anthem (Organ)  one verse. 

32  UK National Anthem  (Piano)  one verse.


Holy Royal Arch Chapter. MM103CD
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