USEFUL NOTES - how to get the best out of our music as an alternative to an organist.

Volume - Set your volume / tone controls before the meeting starts allowing plenty of room to turn up the volume when the Brethren start to sing. The music should be loud enough for them to hear quite clearly as they must follow the organ.

This takes a bit of getting used to as when we have had live organists they would follow the speed of the Brethrenís singing, as they were usually louder and drowned out the organ! So if the Brethren get out of sync (because they canít hear the music) TURN THE VOLUME UP! 

You may get complaints about the music being too loud but once the Brethren are in sync you can ease off and donít look for ways of speeding up or slowing down the music to suit the Brethren. I assure you this wonít cure the problem. 

Sometimes itís worth the WM, at the start of the meeting and before the Opening Ode to remind the Brethren that ďwe have recorded music today, so please listen to it carefully as it only goes at one speedĒ. Please persevere, as the Brethren will soon learn to listen and react to the music.

Similarly, the DC should remind those taking part in the Ceremony to wait for the music to stop or fade out before speaking.

Speaking - Donít be tempted to stop the track in mid flow as soon as someone speaks, itís irritating to the listener and quite frankly sounds amateur. 

There is a ten second silence at the end of all our music tracks (except Songs for the Craft Festive Board) so that you have plenty of time to stop the track once the reverb has ended: If you have to fade out, wait for the end of a musical phrase, itíll sound more like a competent organist. 

SMIB is best said as it very rarely works as a recorded musical / choral piece.

And finally. weíve worked hard to craft our music to fit the Ceremonies of Freemasonry due to the increasing lack of organists so it's over to you to continue the legacy left to us by some really great musicians. Have Fun!



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