SPECIAL ORDERS ON CD - 'Off The Shelf' or Personalised selections


SPECIAL ORDERS - Our aim at MasonicMEDIA has always been to provide a comprehensive music service for Freemasonry and not just to sell downloads and compact discs "off the shelf". 

Special Printing - Our compact discs make excellent gifts, for example, for a retiring Master, a long serving member of your Lodge or a retiring Organist. We can personalise the CD by including their name and Lodge number in the booklet that fits inside the jewel case.

There are 2 options for Special Orders on CD.

1)A special order of our standard music on CD.

Please contact us with the number of the the download (e.g. MM101CD) from the music catalogue page, which you require as a special order on CD. We will contact you back with availability and price. Also contact us to discuss any other requirements.

How do I finalise the order and pay for this?

2) A Special order of a personalised disc containing any of our tracks you require.  

To add or change tracks - If after listening to the short audio examples of the opening and closing Odes/Hymns on our compact discs, you find that they are different to the ones that you normally use, don't panic! 

We can record the appropriate pieces of music for you and include them on a custom made CD, or memory stick if you prefer.

If you would like a different opening or closing Ode / hymn, or any other piece of extra music, we can arrange this for you for an additional charge. 

Due to the combinations and permutations of custom made discs we don't have a simple online payment system for this service.

Please email us with the name of the extra music you would like, it's tune (usually in italics) the number of verses, and whether or not you want a SMIB or Amen at the end. It would of course, be best to send a copy of the music. This unique service is available for most types of Masonic Music, subject to any copyright restrictions.

We will then contact you back and advise you of availability and the cost. 

How do I finalise the order and pay for this?



Masonic Media would like to reassure our customers that we do not hold any  of our customers personal information, banking details etc on our website, and  that our site uses secure communications with PayPal and DPD


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